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HR & Talent Acquisition

Skilled talent for the success of your company

While it might seem like a no brainer it is a proven fact that getting the right candidates is a real challenge for ambitious and fast paced organizations. Our focus is not just to fill a slot, we intrinsically understand your requirement and work culture and only suggest candidates who will be a perfect fit for your organization.

Right Candidates.
Door Delivered.

Even though some candidates may possess suitable professional/technical skills, many a times we have seen that candidates do not fit well with certain organizations – common reasons are lack of adequate soft skills, absence of commitment to the employer, unstable employment history etc.

We go through all these and ensure that the candidates we propose align well with your requirements and vision. We go through all these and ensure that the candidates we propose align well with your requirements and vision. As a seasoned HR services firm primed in talent acquisition, we use various techniques to analyze a candidate comprehensively and filter all those whom we feel do not fit well, ensuring that you only get the most suitable employee who you will rave about for sure!

Focused Talent Acquisition

It is no secret that large cities attract top talent. But it also means that there is enormous competition and companies literally poach talent, hence we focus our talent acquisition efforts around Toronto and Vancouver where companies need them the most.

Long Term Commitment.
Cost-Effective Recruitement

We are in it for the long haul, so unlike many other HR companies, we do not work just for the commission earned post each hire, there have been a number of incidents where we propose more stable candidates (rather than juniors who are just looking for a stepping stone). This might affect our commission flow, but we build trust and long term relationships with our clients.

Catering All Sectors Alike

We recruit for temp positions and permanent vacancies alike, across a wide range of departments including but not limited to administrative, technical, managerial, general labor etc.