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Design and Printing

Good looking brand which is all about good business

Long gone are the days when a business looked professional when it had a well designed logo and some basic artwork. Companies have leapfrogged in the design factor and every company is trying it’s best to look better than the competition. The importance of being presentable is more than ever before.

Not just cosmetics. Tell your story.

Good design is not just about cosmetics, it is about being able to tell the world what your business stands for. You know a great design by simply looking at it. Graphic design is a skill and an art of creating appealing and effective visual communications. At IOS, we see things through the eye of an artist and a layman to combine typography, illustrations and photography to design a concept that makes a statement by itself.

No BS Design Process

Our design process is straightforward, we first conduct an in-depth consultation with you to understand your business objectives and the target market.

This is an extremely important step and defines the nature and tone of the design as no design will be effective unless it appeals to the target market. Then we go through a product and services exploration phase where we decide in collaboration with you the most suited products and services to use to ensure that the design that we create stands strong throughout the years.

Once the design is completed and proofread, we go through the printing process using only high quality printers and material and ensure impeccable quality and delivery of concepts. We have experience meeting pressing deadlines without compromising on quality or spiking up the cost.

Vast experience. Varied design services.

At IOS, our in-house graphic designers have vast experience with a variety of specialized design services ranging from graphic design, to high-volume copying and binding. No creative design or print challenge is too large or too small for our team. Even in this age of digital communications, people like print media as many consumers prefer the style, impact and utility of a well designed piece which is a mix of art and marketing.

Marketers understand this only too well and this is why you will see that print media is strong even today. Our equipment ranging from printers, ink and surface/material are the best in industry and we have internal quality measures to ensure that our quality is not lost even when pressed for time.