What Canadian workers really want from employers

May 07,2015

It’s no secret that this is a tough market for job seekers particularly younger Canadians. That’s why many may be surprised to learn workers still hold sway when it comes to setting the bar for Canadian employers. Top talent those job seekers who are most attractive to hiring managers aren't necessarily buying what Canadian businesses are selling, and that might mean it is time companies rethink the way they market themselves in the employment space.

Randstad’s annual award study (an independent survey of more than 9,500 workers and job seekers) makes a compelling case for this; it seems the core values most sought after by potential talent differ greatly from what they see Canada’s largest employers offering. While employers are banking on organizational reputation, workers are in a dollars and cents frame of mind, with competitive salary, employee benefits and long-term security topping the list of what they expect from an employer.

So, why the disconnect? Likely, it’s because job seekers have a better understanding of their worth and are willing to do the legwork required to find the right fit. They’re also putting more emphasis on personal satisfaction finding a workplace where they’ll feel comfortable spreading their creative wings and exploring what’s possible.

certainly came through loud and clear with this year’s “worker’s choice” pick for Canada’s Most Attractive Employer: The top Randstad Award went to IBM Canada Ltd., a company with a strong focus on innovation and creativity. IBM encourages its employees to innovate, collaborate and reinvent themselves. It is a company that embraces individual differences. Putting those things out front sends an important message.
Randstad’s workforce studies confirm these are attributes that today’s job seekers find appealing, particularly in Quebec, where 10 per cent more workers than the national average seek out interesting job content. Many young workers have grown up in an era of high-tech where the first and fastest to market are rewarded and creative expression is encouraged. As the results show, IBM has struck a chord with Canadian job seekers and has clearly communicated the benefits of joining its workforce.

Source: Financialpost.com
Date: May 06, 2015