Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

At Infinite Outsourcing Solutions (IOS), we understand that for companies in the logistics & supply chain industry the fluctuating and rising costs of fuel prices can drive up the cost of doing businesses by air, land or water. Adding on the control and management of inventory with the challenge of finding reliable and dependable staff for warehouse operations, be it for seasonal fluctuations or longer term projects can further add time and cost for businesses.

IOS is committed to providing you with the right business solutions at the right time to ensure your continued success in this competitive market.

We have built up an extensive network over the past 15 years that provides us with active candidates, experts, software, infrastructure to fill your short and longer-term business needs. By choosing IOS, you will be saving on operational costs and can depend on having the right solutions for your business.

We provide the following services:

Trucking (LTL & TL)

Shipping Tracking

Intermodal Operations

Rail & Freight

Milk Run


Hazardous Material Transfer

Temperature Controlled

Long Combination Vehicles (LCV)

Inventory Management

Order Picking & Packing

Shipping & Receiving

Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Quality Assurance & Control

Hand Assembly

Material Handling

Reverse Logistics