Human Resourses (HR) & Talent Acquisition

Human Resourses (HR) & Talent Acquisition

An effective Human Resources (HR) department and Talent Requisition management is crucial to the well-being of a business but it can also be complex and time consuming, riddled with risks and costs.

We provide the support that business needs to ensure cost-effectiveness in both upfront hiring and training costs. The constant turnover of employees, can be a financial burden and take up valuable time that could be otherwise spent on looking to expand and grow the company.

At IOS, we provide you with the complete management and administration of your HR department that will drive cost savings and reduce risks. We will oversee all the various functions of HR, including payroll, accounting, tax filing, employee benefits and health administrations – so that you can focus on growing your business.

We are equipped to assess, find, acquire and hire the right candidates for your business requirements. We provide strict checks for eligibility of the candidate to work, assess skills and knowledge-base required for the position and make sure the candidate have the experiences to decide so that your business can move to the next level. From head hunting, temporary work to contracting positions we can provide the solutions.

To ensure that we are providing the best solutions for long-term reliability and competency, we provide the following quality & safety assurances:

  • We perform rigorous pre-employment evaluations.
  • We ascertain the suitability and legal eligibility of each applicant to work in Canada.
  • We maintain full performance review records of all applicants and employees.
  • We conduct thorough and detailed reference checks.
  • We provide all of our candidates with access to a variety of resources to help develop their talents, gain updated job skills, learn field specific regulations and stay current with technological advancements.
  • We have partnered with a reputed Health and Safety institution to ensure that all our recruits are trained with the up-to-date Health and Safety regulations and to keep track of their training records.
  • To ensure the highest level of service, at IOS we have a strict timeline set to ensure compliance with our client’s business and organizational requirements. We maintain regular follow-up with all our employees to ensure our employees and our clients’ are satisfied with our service and are working together at their level best.