Testimonials - Employees

IOS Employee 01

AR came to IOS with a range of experience in customer service. After presenting potential candidate experience, AR was immediately requested by IOS’s client who specializes in Warehouse & Logistics Management. AR was able to perform well in her position as well as observe and understand other tasks that were performed by her colleagues. AR was well positioned to fill much needed gaps when required and became an individual who was able to take on any challenges within the organization. As our client is growing, AR continues to grow with the client with recognition for extreme attention to detail and outstanding time management skills in addition to other skills. IOS expertise in Warehouse & Logistics Management are fully utilized by AR and then taken back to the client to improve the different roles that she has been assigned.

IOS Employee 02

LL had experience in the cosmetic industry and a very brief stint in the pharmaceutical industry. Having the necessary education to be part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing team, LL would encounter repeated issues in order to break through to obtain the position that she was seeking. LL was also faced with a gap of unemployment history and was dedicated to enter Pharmaceutical manufacturing. IOS understands the Pharmaceutical industry and the challenges that many face with relevant education and sometimes even with extensive experience. IOS identified that LL requires more exposure to the Pharmaceutical environment and work toward until she reached the position that she is aiming. IOS clearly explained the challenges and was able to build a timeline for learning and upward mobility in a step by step process. LL started as a custodian, accumulated experience for upward mobility and now have the confidence to reach the target.

IOS Employee 03

KM is a former IOS employee whom moved from southwestern Ontario to the big city and eventually landed a position with IOS. KM work ethics are well recognized by the client along with many others. IOS Client Care Manger was able to recognize the dedication to the work from the daily communication with supervisors and manager. After consistent recommendation, the client was very keen to train AR and constantly providing with the opportunities to prove the abilities in the client’s fast paced environment. KM has proved and thrived in the environment becoming a non-disposable resource.