Testimonials - Clients

IOS Client 01

AD is one of the Directors of IOS’s client with operations from west coast to east coast. The client has knowledge in Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics serving multinational companies whom are considered household names. IOS continues to provide staffing services, consulting services and products that will make the operational abilities enhanced while reducing operational costs. The client has unique challenges with two major challenges of keeping their operational cost low so that continuous retention of multinational clients are possible by exceeding their requirements and to fend off stiff competition.

IOS Client 02

JM and FM are the co-owners of a mechanic shop that specializes specifically in European automobiles. Their quality of service to their client are beyond excellent and envy of many of the exclusive dealerships of European automobile brands. Their operational abilities needed major improvements while they personally fend of challenges from these dealerships and focus on offering excellent service to their customers. IOS began by providing marketing services and providing marketing consulting. With their request, we started helping JM with every aspect of finance and accounting. IOS also provides consulting for their labour requirements and providing them with the funding options that they have available as well as applying for the funding. IOS seek to help JM and FM expand their business so they can just focus on providing the excellent service that they provide to their clients.